Grown Man Sh*t: Always On Time


If Ja Rule and Ashanti could always be on time, you can also be punctual. Dustin is going to show you how because time is money.

It all starts with your watch game. We’re not getting into rap’s obsession with big faced watches, iced out bezels, or even Meek Mill’s obsession with Rolex watches. Instead, we keep it simple for the average guy. All you need is three solid choices in your rotation. First up is the G-Shock or any kind of durable sports watch. You can rock it during the day, spilled drinks won’t ruin it, and you won’t be too pissed if you forget it at your sidepiece’s crib. Just remember to rinse it off periodically, so it doesn’t smell like those margaritas you had on Cinco De Mayo.

Next up is the metal watch with a chain link band. It’s classy AF and is often worn by drug dealers, businessmen, and henchmen, so you’re in good company. You pull out this watch when it’s time to get down to business, and you want to prove that you can get it done. These can be pricey so we wouldn’t recommend leaving them sitting around. So keep yours on—even while doing dirt.

Last is the incredibly versatile leather band watch. Whether it’s a Timex or IWC, watches with rich leather bands are timeless. You can never go wrong with one. You can strap it on at your day job or while at the unemployment office to make it look like you still give a damn. Elevate that dirty white tee and basketball shorts like any grown man would do.

Grown Man Shit Watches

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video