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Trae Young likely won’t follow behind Baker Mayfield and become another number one drafted Oklahoma Sooner, but he’ll definitely go in the top five. And with all the blessings he’s received, the soon-to-be NBA player decided to pay it forward.

A fan of his, Caleb Freeman, was involved in a car accident while on his way to see Young play for the first time on December 19. He’s still in the hospital because his injuries were pretty severe, so Young gifted him the shoes—now autographed—that he wore during that game.

What makes the gesture even cooler is what happened in those shoes. Young broke the Big 12 and program record and tied the NCAA record for the number of assists in one game with an astonishing 22 when the Sooners destroyed North Western State 105-68.

The 19-year-old even gave Freeman some University of Oklahoma swag, and the shoes weren’t just autographed—one velcro strap read Freeman’s full name, while the other read #God’sHands.

Young took to Twitter to post a photo of Freeman in the hospital, along with an encouraging caption that read, “This guy Caleb Freeman is a warrior!! He was on his way to watch me play for the 1st time when he got in a major car accident… this kid has battled & battled and I’m so glad I was able to help put a smile on his face by giving him some gifts & my 22 Assist game shoes.”

The NBA Draft is June 21, and Young has already received love from legends. He met Steph Curry a few days ago, and Kobe Bryant gifted him with an autographed jersey that read, “Trae, Welcome to the fam, Kobe Bryant.” Before declaring for the draft, King LeBron James told Young he “better go pro” and called him a very special prayer.

It’s safe to say Young will be welcomed to the NBA with open arms…as long as he balls out.

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