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Fans of 1999’s The Best Man always pondered what if? Regarding a possible relationship between Harper Stewart (Taye Diggs) and Jordan Armstrong (Nia Long).

In the Malcolm D. Lee film, fans get a tease of good friends Harper and Jordan’s chemistry, but their sneaky links mood is ruined when Harper shows up after Lance (Morris Chestnut) puts hands on him for his juicy book Unfinished Business.

Harper and Jordan didn’t hook up, but they remained friends. With Harper marrying the love of his life, Robyn (Sanaa Lathan), and Jordan focusing on her career, they put that behind them.

Now, the gang is all back in The Best Man: The Final Chapters, an eight-episode limited miniseries coming to Peacock. Harper is a successful writer, and that steamy book is now being adapted into a movie, he’s still happily married to Robyn, and they have a beautiful daughter.

The Best Man: The Final Chapters

Source: Peacock / The Best Man: The Final Chapters

Jordan is a successful television executive at MSNBC and is single again after finding love in the 2013’s The Best Man: Holiday.

The Best Man: The Final Chapters

Source: Peacock / The Best Man: The Final Chapters

Would Harper & Jordan Make A Great Couple?

Speaking with both Long and Diggs, we asked them what a Harper/Jordan relationship would look like if they did hook up. The actors revealed that it would come down to some key factors to ensure their relationship would work.

“Well, it depends on how good the sex is, right? Let’s just keep that really real,” Nia Long begins. “I think that their connection is genuine, deep, and beautiful, and it goes beyond sex. There’s a true understanding of who we are to one another.”

“There’s a real connection, and accepting it,” Diggs interrupts, with Long agreeing and adding, “But it’s weird. People don’t normally end up with that person.”

“Right? You normally end up with the idea of who you think your partner should be, rather than the person,” Long continued.

“Then you’re kind of acting in the relationship,” Diggs says. “Then your like, ‘Why am I doing this?'” Long adds.

The Best Man: The Final Chapters

Source: Cassius Life / The Best Man: The Final Chapters

Ultimately, Diggs and Long agree that Harper and Jordan hooking up would be so good that it would both be “electric” and “it might scare them.”

Oh, the possibilities.

Will there be a chance that these two further explore the tension between them? We will have to wait and see when The Best Man: The Final Chapters arrives on Peacock Dec. 22.