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Take it to the skin

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Yes, we all know that masturbation feels awesome. But it’s also pretty great for the body overall. Health experts say there are countless benefits to rubbing one out, particularly for men. We rounded up six of the best.


1Leads to a  Healthy Prostate

The prostate is responsible for creating the thick, milky fluid that mixes with your sperm to produce semen. When you ejaculate the prostate empties and gives your urogenital system a cleanse. By ejaculating a few times a week you are assisting your prostate in releasing buildup of toxic flora and regenerating healthy prostate cells. Studies have shown that men who ejaculate a few times a week can reduce their chances of prostate cancer.

2Helps You Last Longer

Looking to extend the amount of time you last during penetrative sex? Using the edging technique while masturbating is a good way to learn how to delay your orgasm. The goal in edging is to stimulate yourself to the point where you feel your orgasm coming on, and then completely stop the stimulation before you ejaculate. Allow your body to go back down to a resting state through deep breathing, and then go again. The goal is to recognize your “point of no return,” or that place where you know you can’t hold it back any longer. Use edging in your masturbation practice at least four times a week to see results.

3Boosts Your Immune System

Ejaculation increases the levels of the hormone cortisol within the body. Experts say that cortisol can actually help with regulating and maintaining immunity when introduced in small doses. Masturbating a few times a week can help keep your immune system strong and mighty.

4Reduces Sex Stress

Masturbation is sex free of the risk of STD transmission. You can feel secure in knowing that you’re not putting yourself in the way of harmful pathogens and reach your orgasm without stress. You’re safe in your own hands.

5Increases Energy Flow

Tantric practitioners encourage semen retention during masturbation to revitalize the chi (life force energy), which increases overall energy. It requires a little practice but has great results. Simply squeeze the tip of your penis and contract your pelvic muscles to stop yourself from ejaculating. You will still have an orgasm and feel good from the stimulation, just without the ejaculation. Practicing semen retention also helps you become multiorgasmic.

6Makes Your Penis Bigger

Your pelvic muscles are a major factor in maintaining your erections. Over time, those muscles can become week causing erections to slacken. Keep your erections strong by masturbating a few times a week. The contraction of your pelvic floor during orgasm gives these muscles good workout. Even if you don’t ejaculate, the blood flow to your penis helps maintain the erectile tissue.