EXCLUSIVE: Terrence Howard Talks About His Love/Hate Relationship With Jesus Christ


If you have been a fan of The Best Man, you already know about Quentin (Terrence Howard) and Shelby’s (Melissa DeSousa) flaming love/hate romance.

Quentin and Shelby made it seem like they couldn’t stand each other in front of the crew, but sparks always flew when they linked up in the bedroom.

Terrence Howard & Melissa DeSousa Talk Love/Hate Relationships

Source: Peacock / The Best Man: The Final Chapters

Speaking exclusively with Cassius Life, we asked Terrence Howard and Melissa DeSousa if they have a love/hate relationship with someone in real life. The Empire star revealed he has a unique relationship with our lord and savior Jesus Christ himself. In contrast, DeSousa “doesn’t really have anyone like that” in her life.

“Jesus Christ,” Howard quickly proclaims.

“I ain’t thinking about anything you talking about, and then be all by yourself, and then he just keeps messing with you, keep talking to you. Come on Jesus, why don’t you go on back over there and talk to other people. I’m over here. I’m fine. Leave my conscience alone,” he continued.

The Best Man: The Final Chapters assets

Source: Peacock / The Best Man: The Final Chapters

Well, it seems both Howard and Jesus need to have a conversation, but we are sure the lord knows that the actor is coming from a good place, and there is nothing but love in his heart.

Or, he could have been joking. But we all have complicated relationships with the one above at some point in our lives, and that is what it’s like to be human.

You can find out if Shelby and Quentin’s hate for each other leads them back into the bedroom and more in The Best Man: The Final Chapters streaming exclusively on Peacock. 

Photo: Peacock / The Best Man: The Final Chapters