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Cutting edge e-commerce shop tapped two of Nigeria’s top designers to create a capsule collection honoring the Nigerian Super Eagles’ 2018 FIFA World Cup journey. Dubbed the UNITY collection, the locally-made lineup represents just that.

A love letter to their shared homeland, designers Adebayo Oke-Lawal of Orange Culture and Shem Paronelli of Shem Paronelli Artisanal teamed up with the e-tailer to create reimagined jerseys and soccer shoes. Rooted in the principles of pride, coalition and integrity, dope accents like a silhouette of the African continent and the words “UNITY” are featured throughout.

If we push for each other, the industry will move quicker into global prominence.

The campaign images are accompanied by a dynamic video that further drives home the idea of unification. Much like the many languages of Nigeria, it tells a story of differences, cultures, dialects, and traditions. Check it out above.

“I believe that when you’ve been given a platform, you should always use it to support others,” says Lawal, who designed the unique jerseys. “If we push for each other, the industry will move quicker into global prominence.”

Paronelli modeled his custom sneaker after his label’s existing N-100 model, incorporating accents from traditional soccer shoes. “Every stage of this project was fun for me, from bouncing ideas on the direction to hand-picking the best leathers.”

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