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Cleveland at Miami

Source: Miami Herald / Getty

Nearly a decade ago, LeBron James joined Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in Miami to form like Voltron and win as many championships as possible.

It turns out that only meant two, as James decided to take his talents back to The Land. But during their four years together, they shared tons of moments that built on a bond that was first formed when they were part of the 2003 draft.

For fans, one the most memorable moments came against the Milwaukee Bucks when Wade threw a bounce pass to James who was behind him; Wade was celebrating before the play was even over. It was December 6, 2010, mere months into the “Big 3” experiment in Miami that certified the Heat’s dominance over the league. They were the super villains and super team before the current roster of the Golden State Warriors were even thought of.

Even Wade knows just how iconic the picture is, as it records the history of one the most storied franchises in sports. He recently told Dave McMenamin of ESPN that “it’s the one photo he will ask LeBron to sign that he’ll hang in his house when he’s retired.”

No one really knows when James’ career will be over, and since he’s aging like fine wine in a league full of guys in their twenties, he may very well be able to play alongside or against his son, LeBron James Jr.

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