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Los Angeles Lakers v New York Knicks

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LaVar Ball announced back in January that he was starting a new league for high school kids who didn’t want to be held to the rules of the NCAA.

So instead of becoming yet another one and done college player, guys get a chance to hone their skills without just falling into a system. The league has failed to recruit any big names, other than of course Ball’s youngest son LaMelo but that hasn’t stopped Ball from making his dream league a reality.

Ball’s JBA, or Junior Basketball Association, recently announced that the league’s tickets are now available on Ticketmaster and unlike the BBB’s sneakers, they’re affordable. Ticket prices range from $40-100 before taxes and fees and LaVar has even released an entire schedule for prospective players.

It all starts the second weekend of June with the Big Baller Brand flying everyone to Los Angeles followed by a contract signing the next day. Even cooler, the next two weeks will be composed of workouts, time for media interviews and even financial workouts to make sure the guys know how to manage their newfound income.

It’ll surely be interesting to see what crop of talent Ball is able to get for his league after pulling his sons out the Lithuanian club to come back to the States. LiAngelo, on the other hand, wants to make his way to the league and play with his brother Lonzo in L.A.

“Lakers is my priority, for sure. I want to play with my brother. Ever since I played with Zo, we went undefeated. The same thing will happen when we get older. We’re just going to get stronger and faster and have a better feel for the game. It will be a good outcome,” LiAngelo recently told ESPN L.A.

Even Kobe is on board with the brothers player together… if it helps the Lakers win.