LaVar Ball‘s stepping outside of just hocking sneakers and clothing bearing the Big Baller Brand logo.  The elder Ball is now getting into the exercise gear game with a set of three bars to use for different workouts. He uses his middle son, LiAngelo, to demonstrate the workouts you can do on the bars, which […]

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For those of you who remember The Brady Bunch, you’ll remember that Jan was the middle child of a blended family. Her famous “Marsha Marsha Marsha” line referring to all the attention being sucked up by her oldest, pretty, popular sister was the cry of every middle child who felt squeezed between a younger and […]

His younger brother invited him to Charlotte workouts.

You can have your opinions about LaVar Ball, but he won. The Lakers drafted Lonzo Ball with the 2nd pick in the 2017 draft, LaMelo was picked by the Charlotte Hornets just last month, and now the Ball patriarch has successfully got his third son, LiAngelo, in the NBA as well. That’s right– the middle […]

Lavar Ball is at it again, this time saying that his son LiAngelo Ball is better than Zion Williamson.

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The "Big Baller" scored 72 points in a game just hours after his big announcement.