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On Location For "Law & Order SVU" - April 11, 2011

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You know when someone comes to you with gossip about a friend, and they get clowned when you and the friend deny it? Well, that’s what happened to the National Enquirer when they tried to stir up some beef between Law & Order actors Ice-T and Christopher Meloni.

The two actors worked together on the long-running show Law & Order: SVU for more than a decade as the characters Sgt. Fin Tutuola and Detective Elliot Stabler. But in 2011, Meloni left due to a contract dispute.  In 2021, Meloni returned as the same character for the Law & Order spinoff, Organized Crime which overlaps with the SVU universe.

Ice-T not only said the rumors were ridiculous, but he also added Meloni to an inquiry seeking his comment on the report the Enquirer said they were ready to publish. The report alleged that Ice T was jealous of the attention that Meloni was getting upon his return.

“Just sent this email over to my guy,” Ice-T posted on Twitter. “Clownass MFs trying to make up Drama outta thin air…WOW… MFs are really on that BS.”

Meloni responded, “So…⁦@FINALLEVEL⁩ was sent this. He was kind enough to let me know we were feuding.”

Welp, it seems the Enquirer got the comment they were seeking from both actors.

While appearing on the ABC chatfest The View in 2021, Ice-T was asked about the potential storyline cooking that Meloni’s character and his longtime SVU costar, Mariska Hargitay’s character, Captain Olivia Benson, will finally have a romance. It’s something longtime fans thought had been in the works between the two for years. He also touched on his friendship with Meloni.

“To have him come back and watch what’s gonna happen with him and Mariska [Hargitay], everybody’s just waiting for that moment, but it’s good, he’s a friend, I worked with him for 12 years, we became close friends.”

And in a recent trailer for SVU, it does look like fans may get their wish. In the promo, the two are seen showing some affection for each other that seems more than professional.

But per Ice-T himself, he and Meloni – they’re all good.