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It’s not like most folks need a reason to drink, but it’s #NationalWineDay, which means if you’re looking for one you’ve got it. In honor of the “holiday,” folks are encouraged to, you guessed it, enjoy a good bottle or two.

Here are some tips to maximize your celebration.

Buy a Good Bottle

Today is the day to invest in quality over quantity. There are tons of brands and retailers, like Groupon, offering basement bargain deals on bottles. Have a pricey bottle that you’ve been eyeing? Now’s the time to pick it up. You can save it for the holidays, a special occasion, or treat yourself today.

Do a Little Wine Research

It’s always impressive when you know your facts about wine. Understanding wine also has practical benefits, such as creating pairings that optimize taste. Spend a few minutes today reading over articles to up your wine knowledge.

Try Something New

Everyone has their own go-to brand or type of wine. If you’re a pinot noir fan, today is the day to venture off and try something else. Expand your taste buds. There are bars, wine stores, and wineries offering free and discounted tastings today. Speak with the brand’s sommelier for dope suggestions of labels that you should stock up on to build your collection.

Whatever you decide to do, there are only two real rules on #NationalWineDay. The first is to make sure you’re sipping on something. The second, #DriveSober. Cheers!