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They Got Games: Javion Talks Twitch Stream & Love of Gaming


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For Javion, gaming is more than a hobby. It’s how he found a global community as a popular Twitch streamer. “I think what makes my stream important to me is my community. Being able to bring people from different walks of life together has been one of the greatest things I’ve ever been able to do in my life.”

Javion’s Twitch stream is a place for people all over the world to get together and have a good time. “It kind of showed me how gaming can actually bring people together.”

His love of video games began with the classics: Mario, Duck Hunt, and Battletoads. But playing OverWatch is how he discovered a higher calling. He began to be recognized for how rare it was to see a high-ranking black gamer in the OverWatch community. “It gave me more passion to keep grinding and keep getting on everyday to stream and to put on for everybody.”

Javion’s passion pays it forward by creating opportunities for other gamers like him. “A lot of black students have come from my community to become popular in the game as well… I feel like my job was to help branch the community, show these people that this is what we can do… We can be a part of this group.”

Javion turned his love of gaming into a career, but he says it’s not just about playing games—it has to be fun, not only the games themselves but building a community around gaming. “You gotta want to have fun creating content, being around people, and collaborating.”

His passion for making the gaming world a better place drives Javion to continue being a beacon for his gaming community. “I know who I was. I know what I was going to do for my community. So I continue to put on.”