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Trash talk is just part of professional sports, and Caitlin Clark is here for it.

Clark, the sharpshooter on Iowa’s women’s basketball team, was the subject of Angel Reese’s John Cena “You can’t see me,” hand wave that upset everyone.

But now Clark is speaking out in defense of Reese because the so-called taunting is done in the name of competition, and women should be able to add some flare just like the men do.

“I don’t think Angel should be criticized at all. I’m just one that competes, and she competed. I think everybody knew there was going to be a little trash talk in the entire tournament. It’s not just me and Angel,” Clark said in an ESPN interview on Tuesday.

“We’re all competitive. We all show our emotions in a different way. You know, Angel is a tremendous, tremendous player. I have nothing but respect for her. I love her game – the way she rebounds the ball, scores the ball, is absolutely incredible. I’m a big fan of her and even the entire LSU team. They played an amazing game. Men have always had trash talk … You should be able to play with that emotion … That’s how every girl should continue to play.”

During her ESPN interview, Clark also addressed First Lady Jill Biden’s suggestion that despite LSU winning the women’s national championship game 102-85, losing team Iowa should also make the trip to D.C.

Clark believes that privilege should be reserved for the team that hoisted the trophy at the end of the season.

“I don’t think runner-ups usually go to the White House. I think LSU should enjoy that moment for them and congratulations, obviously, they deserve to go there. Maybe, I could go to the White House on different terms though,” Clark added.

See how angry Twitter was with Biden suggesting Iowa visit the White House below.

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