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Patrol Grooming

For those of us in the so-called “Beard Gang,” you already know how much of a chore it is to keep your facial hair clean and manageable without neglecting the skin underneath your fuzz. Patrol Grooming, a company that has provided proper grooming tools for men for over three decades, has an all-in-one kit that easily covers all your beard and skin upkeep needs.

I want to be frank and say that as a beard owner, I take the craft of taking care of my facial hair seriously. However, the products I often come across are either too heavy, too oily, oddly scented, or flat-out don’t work for me. Patrol Grooming is the first hair and skin care product line I’ve encountered in a very long time that worked for me from the first day.

Patrol Grooming

The company kindly sent me the all-in-one kit situated in a handsome carrying case separated into three categories: Bump Patrol, Beard Patrol, and Skin Patrol. As I haven’t shaved my face clean in years (that might soon change), I primarily used Beard and Skin Patrol for the past week and a half, and below are my findings.

I visit my barbershop every two weeks for a lineup of my hair and beard, and I usually try to wash and condition the hair on my head, but I also get the beard involved too prior to my visit. A lot of beard wash products in the market are harsh and stripping, leaving your beard, which is usually drier than the hair on your crown, lacking serious moisture.

That good-looking man you see here has a beard that smells and feels majestic!

Patrol Grooming

Patrol Grooming nailed it with the Beard Patrol beard wash, which features shea butter, moringa, and baobab in the mix along with a woodsy forest scent that screams “Yo, I love my beard” when people get a whiff. The lather on the beard wash is impressive and you truly do feel a deep-down sense of feeling clean after rinsing.

Following upon up the Beard Patrol beard wash with the softening beard balm helped my comb glide through my beard without any snags, and the balm is supplemented with shea butter, argan oil, and cocoa butter with a fresh lemongrass scent. To seal it all in, a small amount of beard oil, which features argan oil, hemp seed oil, and olive oil, goes a long way to keep that all-day shine. The cedarwood and tonka oil scent plays well with the scents of the coordinating products.

Going beyond the beard, Patrol Grooming also understands that our skin needs love too which is evident with the Skin Patrol line. I’ve been using the face wash, which features activated charcoal, and I can visibly see a difference after my morning ritual. Following the face wash treatment with Skin Patrol’s moisturizer, featuring aloe vera, vitamin E, and chamomile, left my face feeling soft and smooth without any greasy buildup, and the lemongrass and the lime scent is a knockout.

Before getting my hands on this kit, I haven’t used bar soap in years but Skin Patrol’s hemp seed oil bar and the activated charcoal bar offer two different perspectives of cleanness. The hemp seed oil bar was moisturizing and cedarwood, which is kind of a theme here, was a hit yet again. That said, I’d give the edge to the activated charcoal bar for a deep clean feeling and the oud scent is magnificent. However, both options are stellar in my opinion.

Patrol Grooming

Right now on Patrol Grooming, the all-in-one kit is currently on sale for $109.99 and available at a wide array of retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart. You can also order straight from the company itself.

To learn more, including just purchasing specific bundles for your needs, check out Patrol Grooming’s website here.

Photo: Patrol Grooming