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Let’s start this episode off by telling y’all that we never should’ve had to do this episode.

Ever since you hit puberty, you should know about the godforsaken smell that is body odor. But for some reason, Dustin got into an Uber a few days ago that smelled so bad, he said, “The car smelled like it was exercising.” So to help the dudes out there who think it’s okay to just go a day without deodorant, we’re here to tell you… hell no, you can’t.

On some grown man shit, drowning yourself in cologne doesn’t work— you just wind up smelling like your favorite nightclub at 4 a.m. on a humid and sweaty day. Therefore Dustin is here to educate you all on the two main types of deodorant, roll on and spray on. Roll on is the most traditional one and is probably what you should be using if you plan on sweating your ass off at the gym or don’t want to smell any less perfect for bae.

But if you have sensitive skin, spray deodorant will be your best friend. Even more important than that? It’s just fun AF to apply. Dustin reminds you to shake it before you spray it and says you use it in “other” areas, too, but you should probably read the back of the can first.

Oh, and if you have a lighter lying around, Dustin shows a pretty cool trick at the end of the video. Don’t try this at home, fellow millennials.

Grown Man Shit, Body Odor

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