Cubans March Against Homophobia In Havana

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As we truly get into the midst of Pride Month, there haven’t been enough moments that make us burst out into tears with feelings and joy.

But then we found out about Lexie Nobrega and her grandma.

The Alexandria, Va. woman was getting ready for Washington D.C.’s Pride Parade on Saturday when her grandmother, Hermina Nobrega, saw her bisexual Pride flag in her room. While others might be nervous about the aftermath of this type of occurrence, none of that was necessary for Nobrega.

“Oh, this needs to be pressed out!” her grandmother exclaimed.

The Old Dominion University rising senior was so touched by the gesture that she tweeted a picture for appreciation. Her tweet immediately blew up with the internet flipping out about the sweet and adorable picture.

Lexie’s sexuality isn’t a secret โ€” she came out to her grandparents in her senior year of high school and in the following years told her friends and her mother. She said her grandparents always accepted her the way she is.

“I didn’t know what they would think of me, but nothing changed,” she told CNN.

She also said she hopes that her story and her grandmother’s gesture will inspire people to follow a path of “love and positivity” in honor of Pride month.

“Be respectful … support large and local LGBT organizations, volunteer, donate to shelters,” she said. “Be supportive of your friends who are LGBT. Let them know they’re loved.”