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Check out the bad, the more bad and the bigly moments from this week in the Trump presidency:

 Friday, June 16

  • Trump says he’s being investigated over firing former FBI director James Comey. But according to alternative facts, it’s gotta be a witch hunt.
  • POTUS is with all his friends in Little Havana chipping away at Obama’s legacy by attempting to cancel the “completely one-sided deal with Cuba.”

Thursday, June 15

Wednesday, June 14

Tuesday, June 13

Monday, June 12

  • Attorneys generals for D.C. and Maryland say they’re suing Trump, claiming that government payments to the President’s businesses—gasp— violate the U.S. Constitution.
  •  A federal appeals court has ruled against Trump’s revised travel ban. Again.
  • Why have a constructive first full cabinet meeting when you can praise yourself instead? “Never has there been a president….who’s passed more legislation, who’s done more things than I have,” the Donald said of himself.

Last week

  • A day after terrorists killed eight people in the British capital, President Trump threw some shots at London’s mayor, Sadiq Khanon on Twitter, saying the mayor had played down the danger to citizens after the attack. Now, Trump’s visit to the U.K., might be postponed until the public actually wants him to come. Looks like he’ll be arriving next Neveruary. Sad!
  •  Breaking from tradition, the Trump family actually kept a promise. FLOTUS Melania Trump and son Barron are finally moving into the White House, a mere five months after Inauguration. That’s normal, right?
  •  Former FBI director James Comey testified before the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee on Friday. Summed up in one word? “Lordy.
  •  Speaking of Comey, Trump started off this week by letting the Twitter fingers fly once again. POTUS promised to address alleged taped phone conversations with the former FBI Director, whom he referred to as “cowardly.”
  •  Robert Mueller, who was appointed by the Justice Department last month to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, miiiight find himself facing a similar wrath. Jay Sekulow, Trump’s lawyer stated on This Week that he wouldn’t rule out Mueller getting fired if the investigation’s results aren’t in POTUS’ favor.