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Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia Is Papa Johns Latest Delicious Idea

Source: Papa Johns / Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia

Pairing any popular food item with Doritos is a good idea. Taco Bell upgraded its tacos by adding Doritos taco shells. The popular pizza chain, Papa Johns, hopes to do the same with its Papadia. 

Wednesday, Papa Johns announced its latest “good idea,” the Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia. The chain’s signature made-to-order flatbread-style sandwich made using Papa Johns’ never-frozen, fresh dough will also feature a cool flavor best associated with Doritos Cool Ranch chips.

The Papadia is toasted perfectly and dusted with the same bold ranch seasoning found on the Doritos tortilla chips. Paired with a dipping sauce and your choice of either chicken, steak, beef, or any other fillings, the Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia will deliver the same finger-licking experience you enjoy after throwing down a bag of Doritos.

Papa Johns x Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia

Source: Papa Johns

“At Papa Johns, flavor exploration puts us at the forefront of our menu innovation, which is why we couldn’t be more excited to bring together our Better Ingredients. Better Pizza promise with the iconic flavor of Doritos Cool Ranch to create this limited-time Papadia,” said Kimberly Bean, VP of Menu Strategy & Calendar Planning.

Papa Johns x Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia

Source: Papa Johns 

“Our partnership with PepsiCo Foodservice allowed us to leverage the bold taste of Doritos Cool Ranch to reimagine a specialty seasoning for the Papadia, which offers new and current consumers the ultimate chip and sandwich experience and gives them a bold taste in every bite, so delicious you’ll wish you had thought of it first,” Bean continues.

When Can You Buy It?

The Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia will become available exclusively for Papa Rewards loyalty members beginning May 1 before going Nationwide on May 4.

The limited-time sandwich will be on Papa Johns’ menu until July 23, 2023, and will only cost $7.99.

“Doritos fans are always looking for unexpected ways to experience the flavors they love, and we are proud to deliver on just that through this collaboration with Papa Johns,” said Scott Finlow, Chief Marketing Officer at PepsiCo Foodservice. “At PepsiCo we strive to create unique and delicious culinary offerings that go beyond the bag, and we can’t wait to hear how much fans love this twist on the classic Papadia.”


Source: Papa Johns

So who knows, if this item becomes popular, we could see a nacho cheese flavor too. We got the opportunity to taste the Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia at a private tasting, and we must say, it does slap and could be the perfect late-night snack when you get the munchies.

Photo: Papa Johns / Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia

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