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Cointreau Margarita Pledge


Cinco de Mayo is just over a week away and without question, drinks will be on deck along with others honoring Mexico’s victory against the Second French Empire at the Battle of Puebla. Cointreau, the premium orange liqueur every bar cart needs, is a key ingredient for the Orginal Margarita and the longstanding brand will hand out a total of $75,000 to fans who pledge to only use Cointreau in their margaritas.

For those who visit the Spirit.Ed space here on CASSIUS, you’re already aware that we love Cointreau and we’ve used it in a bevy of cocktails over the years. With margaritas using tequila or mezcal as its base, both hailing from Mexico of course, margaritas are certainly a smart choice.

As the story goes, Margarita Sames created The Original Margarita recipe using Cointreau, tequila, and lime juice and for 75 years now it has become the standard way to deliver the refreshing cocktail. Usually served in the warmer months, the Margarita is a time-honored classic that will never go out of style and now fans of the drink can be rewarded handsomely in the process.

In order to make certain that everyone’s Cinco de Mayo celebration is a happy one, Cointreau is asking for fans to sign a pledge saying that they will only use Cointreau in crafting their margaritas for the day. Lucky winners will receive $20 bucks in their Venmo account (sorry, it has to be Venmo!) and that can go towards all your Cinco de Mayo needs.

To learn more about the pledge and to sign up for your chance at some smackeroos, please click here. Check back with us next week for our annual Cinco de Mayo cocktails roundup!

Photo: Cointreau/LaForce