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Months after being confronted in a parking lot by Milwaukee Police, Bucks guard Sterling Brown has filed a civil rights suit Tuesday against the Milwaukee Police Department.

The suit claims that he was not only wrongfully arrested but excessive force was used in the altercation outside of a local Walgreens, and both his fourth and Fourteenth amendment rights were violated.  It started when Brown was approached by two officers after illegally parking across two handicap parking spots.

In the body camera footage released by the police department, Brown remains polite and calm as police escalate the situation which ends with several officers surrounding him and eventually have him face down on the pavement with a taser being fired into his back.

One asks him to take his hands out of his pockets, and a second or two later the scuffle starts. Almost immediately, an officer yells, “Taser! Taser! Taser!”

Named defendants in the suit include the City of Milwaukee, Police Chief Alfonso Morales, Sgt. Sean Mahnke, Sgt. Jeffrey S. Krueger and Officers Joseph J. Grams, Bojan Samardzic, James P. Collins, Cristobal Martinez Avila, Erik A. Andrade and Jason P. Jensen.

Chief Morales, who was the one who released his body cam footage that has raised questions over the officers’ overreactions, apologized last month. Grams, Krueger and Mahnke were disciplined while eight other officers were ordered to undergo remedial training in professional communications.