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Founded in 2011, Ssanai is a men’s personal care brand rooted in the holistic skincare philosophy of “K-Beauty” that’s recently taken the American beauty (and the more manly-leaning grooming) industries by storm. The Korean brand tailored for guys is free of parabens and formulated with all-natural ingredients.

While American skincare tends to focus on quick fixes once problems arise, Korean skincare is rooted in a prevention-first model involving a rigorous 10-step regimen to keep your mug on point. But don’t freak out–Ssanai’s  simplified things with two hero products that hone in on the most important steps: cleansing and moisturizing.

Ssanai’s Face Fighter ($15; is a nourishing cleanser that exfoliates and purifies with a concoction of apricot seed powder, lime, fig, pineapple fruit extract and wintergreen leaf extract. Use it daily to prevent dirt and oil  buildup–especially during the summer months.

The Face Optimizer ($20; is an all-in-one toner, lotion and essence that moisturizes and repairs with with grapefruit and papaya. For next-level grooming, there’s even a colored marker for guys–in manly black packaging of course–meant to fill in stingy brows and thinning hairlines.

With summer in full swing there’s no better time to put your best face forward, so step up your game and cop these affordable essentials that will ensure you’ll do just that.