Cheering crowd at a concert.

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You may not want to admit it, but there is a certain level of validation that comes with hanging out in places celebrities frequent. Those good vibes have nothing to do with riding some random star’s jock. It’s just that when you find out a headliner has strategically chosen to kick it in a spot you innately knew was cool, well, you can’t help but feel yourself, at least a little.

The thing is, we don’t always know where some of our favorite stars hang out. CASSIUS is about to remedy that. In honor of Pride Month, we’ve done a little reconnaissance on our fave LGBTQ+ celebs to figure out where they roll. You can judge if they’re on the money. And we won’t judge you if you decide to pull up.

 1 EJ Johnson

You don’t have to be rich or famous to hang out in the Hamptons in New York, but it helps. Party hopping trust fund kids like EJ anoint certain venues as a must. AM Southhampton is one of those places. Check out the Dodgers heir repping for the West Coast with his crew.


2 Janelle Monae

The entertainer/producer is often kicking it with bestie, Tessa Thompson. While both ladies are ultra private, Tessa has shared that one of her favorite places to escapes is a quaint bed and breakfast in Bolinas, Calif. called Eleven. If Janelle hasn’t been there yet, it’s likely she will be soon.


3 Big Freedia

The Queen Diva doesn’t just give a performance, she puts on a show. According to the southern star, when she’s finished putting in werk, there’s no place better to find entertainment in New Orleans than All Ways Lounge and Theater.  You never know who’s coming.

4 Wilson Cruz

There’s no need to ponder over 13 reasons why you should pop in West Hollywood hotspot, The Standard. Wison makes things absolutely clear. Hot bodies. Good drinks. Lots of sun.

5 Raven-Symone

Four words. Disneyland never gets old.

6 Jussie Smollett

The Roxy is a famous performance space in Los Angeles. If you’re about that life, you know it’s where talent, new and old, go to showcase their skills. Established stars like Jussie don’t just hit the stage there, they roll through to support friends and check out up and coming acts.

7 Lena Waithe

The celebrated writer/producer is a fan of jeweler Melody Ehsani. While most folks don’t consider stores as hot spots, celebs love to spend their coins. That makes the Los Angeles-based flagship location the place to check for cool finds and to kick it with top-billing entertainers.