June 2018

CASSIUS continues its celebration of the people leading the charge for queer representation with a roundup of LGBTQ+ writers to know.

June 2018

The summer turn-up is real.

When you take a look at the most prominent figures there isn’t much diversity in terms of race.

Six LGBTQ+ web series to get into for your next binge session.

"There are many stories to be told about Black trans people ... but we seem to not be ready to tell those stories."

A new generation of creatives is leading the charge for LGBTQ+ representation.

Ready? For the June cover of CASSIUS, the team commissioned what is sure to become a classic piece of art—the First Supper of the Unapologetics—our tribe of cultural badasses throughout time. This is your last chance to make a suggestion about #whogetstoeat, about who should really have a seat at the table. Let’s see if we are […]