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Each week, CASSIUS’ resident expert Glamazon Tyomi answers questions from clients and fans. This week, she responds to a letter from a man asking how to eat the booty like groceries.

Hey Tyomi,

My girl put me on to you and I want to start off by saying the advice you give in your articles and Youtube channel has helped our relationship.  With that being said, I need your help. My girl recently opened up to me about something she wants me to do sexually. She wants me to lick her butt, not a cheek but in her ass. My thing is, I’m willing, but I’ve never eaten ass before and don’t know how to even begin. We have a very good sex life and I want to knock it down. How do I pop things off right and make sure she’s creaming?

Thanks for your help!


Hey Simon,

Thank you for reaching out to me! Before I get into the “how to” of ass eating I want you to adjust your thinking from “putting in work” to “play time”. This about having fun and trying something new. You’re figuring out what’s pleasurable and what’s not. Changing your perspective will immensely upgrade the experience. Second, talk to her about what she likes before you start. You can use dirty talk or porn as a gateway. Understanding the definitive ways you can pleasure her will boost your confidence when going down. Now, on to the good stuff.

Hygiene First, Always

Before you dive in, take the time to make sure her booty is cleansed to your liking. Suggest a shower or sensual bath to guarantee her butt is all the way right—it matters. If you’re into a little kink play, you can have her get on all fours post the shower and do an extra swipe with baby wipes yourself.

Warm Her Up

Play with her booty cheeks and anus before using your mouth. Give a butt massage.  Lay your head on those ass cheeks. Use a finger to stimulate her anus. All of these actions aid relaxation and prepares her body.

Just Tongue It

When you’re ready to dive in, use your hands to part her butt cheeks and begin exploring in between then with your tongue. Start with slow long strokes with the tip of your tongue, then shorter medium based strokes with the fullness of your tongue. Make circles around her anus, tickle it and even stick your tongue inside if you’re feeling it.

Kiss And Suck

Don’t be afraid to put your face into her ass. Kiss it. Suck it. Use your lips to blow bubbles or to blow air into the anus as another form of stimulation. Remain in constant communication while you’re doing this. Is she juicing? Ask your partner if she is enjoying what you’re doing. Switch up according to her direction.

Positions Matter

There are a plethora of positions you can use to eat your girl’s butt. The typical position is having her on all fours with her ass in the air. This allows the cheeks to spread apart without your assistance. You can also have her on all fours at the edge of the bed while you eat her while kneeling on the floor. This gives you a great vantage point to reach her spots. She can lay on her stomach, sit on your face or even stand up while you kneel to serve her. Experiment with a few different positions and find the right one for you.

Happy Diving!

Glamazon Tyomi