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Spoilers ahead… 

At the end of season four of Netflix’s summer hit, Orange Is the New Black, we had so many questions, hurt feelings and witnessed an all-too-real tragedy. The season saw the death of fan favorite Poussey Washington, played by Samira Wiley. Not only was it unspeakably shocking for the dramedy, it brought back the intense emotions and helplessness we feel every time an unarmed Black man and woman (or child) is yet again cut down by police violence.

The newly released season five of OITNB deals with the aftermath… The prisoners of Litchfield mobilize under the leadership of Poussey’s best friend Taystee, played by the incomparable Danielle Brooks, the clear scene stealer of the entire season.

But as the closing credits rolled on episode 13, we were still left with all of the questions about the open-ended storylines of the previous season. What happens next? Will there finally be change at the problematic facility? Will C.O. Bailey be tried for murder? What now?

Feeling like you were basically left at square one after super bingeing like the rest of us? Here are five questions we need answered in season six— we’re totally not kidding, Netflix!

1 Why is Alison Abdullah in jail?

Season five introduces viewers to Alison Abdullah’s backstory. She’s happily married with a daughter, and we see that she encourages her husband to take a second wife. However, we see that Alison soon becomes frustrated when the nanny/second wife gets closer to her husband and daughter, slightly replacing her. Did she kill the other woman? The door is open for speculation that we hope is addressed in season six.

2 Where are the prisoners heading? 

In the last episode, we see all of the ladies of Litchfield being brutally hauled out of the prison and shipped on buses. Besties Flaritza (who ended up getting some YouTube vlogger fame this season) were separated, and pregnant Lorna is bustled away with brute force. What happens to her baby? And most importantly, will Taystee be given any amnesty after leading the revolution? Season six has got to unpack all of this for us.

3 Where in the world is Daya?

We saw her turn herself in at the end of the season, but where is she heading? Odds are not any place too great, after she shot a guard in the leg who suffered a stroke with minimal medical care. We see that she sets her daughter up for success by securing her adoption. But it was hard seeing Daya, who really just wants to fall in love and create, fall victim to circumstances. It’s hard to imagine she won’t be facing more jail time after the shooting, but here’s hoping she’s not facing a life sentence.

4 What happened to good guy nurse Adarsh?

The most pleasant surprise of the current season was the introduction of Adarsh, the kindhearted prison nurse. It’s not common to encounter a Litchfield employee with good intentions, but he handles medical care in a hostage environment with only help from Sophia (played by Laverne Cox), doing everything he can for his patients with limited supplies. What’s his backstory? Will we see more of him in season six? Good guys don’t come around too often— we hope we can keep him.

5 Does C.O. Bailey get prosecuted? 

One of the most painful storylines of the season involved C.O. Bailey. He killed Poussey, and seemed to be the only officer who gave a damn in the slightest. While the organization aimed to sweep Poussey’s death under the rug while her dead body lay limp on the prison cafeteria floor, Bailey goes on his quest for punishment. He turned himself in, but was sent home by fellow officers as just another drunk wanderer, and even ended on Poussey’s father’s doorstep looking for berating. In such a dire mental state, what becomes of him?