Head inside for some of Guerrero's most beautiful pictures.


Netflix, Hulu, Freeform, HBO and others are chock full of goodies to keep us inside during bathing suit season.

LeBron & Steph Curry Have Already Said Their Respective Teams Won’t Visit Trump President Trump decided to uninvite the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House, so before he could even extend an invite to the Cavs or Warriors, both teams frontmen decided to just let him know that neither team would be attending, no matter […]

She was reportedly found bathing in his home at the time of her arrest. 😳😳😳

Wait... what did we just watch?!

The Front

While the majority of us at Team CASSIUS will be stunting at BBQs (and stacking to-go plates—no shame), we wanted to make sure y'all who plan to Netflix (or Hulu!) and chill were set.