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Lil Uzi Vert Hosts Pink Prom

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Lil Uzi Vert — Pink Tape

The Beatles had The White Album and Jay-Z had The Black Album. Lil Uzi Vert now adds their own twist to the musical theme with a highly anticipated new project, Pink Tape.

Uzi’s latest comes in at a whopping 26 songs and there are a bevy of stars along for the ride. Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj and Don Toliver all show up, but rock staples Bring Me The Horizon and BABYMETAL also provide guest appearances here.

Meanwhile, Uzi makes a statement on “Suicide Doors.” “Y’all tried to ban me from this but I came back,” Vert says. “I do anything I want. I do anything I please.” However, the spiked-hair emcee also shares some positive news on the album’s “Flooded the Face”: “Flooded the face / Matted the Wraith / Got a new house, unlimited space / It was just hard, now my life great.”

Listen to Pink Tape below.

The Weeknd — The Idol Episode 5, Part 1

The Weeknd continues to promote his work in Hollywood with the latest releases from HBO’s The Idol. This time around, he unveils a 2-pack in Episode 5, Part 1 from the series he stars in.

The first of the songs is “Like a God,” which Abel produced alongside Mike Dean and Sage Skolfield. “Mama taught him how to please / Daddy begged them not to leave / But they drove to the the City of Angels / Mama knows baby girl gon’ be famous,” he sings.

Lil Baby and Suzanna Son join The Weeknd on “False Idols.” “I done made it out the Land of the Brave,” he raps. “Free the guys, the ones who never made a statement.” Later, he adds: “I know it look lit when I’m rocking’ these chains / But I went through a lot for this money and fame.”

Young Thug — Business Is Business (Metro’s Version)

Metro Boomin reimagines Young Thug’s newest album with his own take on the project. The offering is dubbed BUSINESS IS BUSINESS (Metro’s Version) and it features 17 songs and a reenvisioned tracklist.

“Jonesboro” opens the album instead of the Drake-assisted “Parade on Cleveland.” It’s followed by “Mad Dog” and “Uncle M” in place of “Money on the Dresser” and “Gucci Grocery Bag.” The project ends on “Sake of My Kids,” which did not appear on the original.

Elsewhere, Nicki Minaj and the late Juice WRLD appear on another new song, “Money.” Thug raps: “She in Barbie land.” Juice adds: “My choppa sing and he auto tuned.” Nicki stops her verse to add: “Free Thug.”

Metro celebrated the album when it first came out. “I got you for life and after that brodie,” he said on Instagram. Since then, he’s continued to promote the project with “Free Jeff” posts on socials.

Lola Brooke — “Blind Em”

Lola Brook keeps the grind going with her newest song, “Blind Em.” After dropping hits like “Don’t Play With It,” the New York emcee tackles Clipse’s classic “Grindin’” beat for this new joint.

Lola also pulls inspiration from the original for the lyrics. “Grindin’ / Cuban on the neck that’s blindin’ / Straight out of the gutter, I ain’t like them,” she raps. “He get back, please don’t hype him / Slime him.”

The original introduced Clipse to the world. “I just wanna let you know,” Pharrell famously says on the intro. “The world is about to feel something that they never felt before.”

Brooke is also showing love to other classics. She recently covered 50 Cent’s “Life’s On The Line” through an Apple Music collaboration. She also sampled Black Sheep’s “The Choice is Yours (Revisited)” on her recent single, “Just Relax.”

Albee Al — I’m From Marion

Albee Al already repped where he’s from on the new album I’m From Marion. But now, The Jersey City Gladiator unveils the LP’s deluxe edition with a slew of new songs, jumping from 14 to 22 tracks.

Albee Al brings some friends along for this one. Millyz, KaMillion, Leaf Ward, Shani Boni and Lil Tjay are among the featured guests. Marion is also an important focal point here.

Al recently described Marion during an interview. “It’s the danger zone,” he tells PPhilms. “Ain’t nothin’ safe down there. You shouldn’t go down there. Ain’t nothin’ down there for you, but we love each other. It’s a city inside a city and we gon’ stick together. It’s always been like that.”