Kids in line waiting to get on school bus saying goodbye.

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The New York Post reports that plans to segregate a Manhattan private school by race will no longer be moving forward. The decision comes after parents expressed outrage over the “initiative,” which one parent appropriately called “antiquated.”

Little Red School House director Philip Kassen is the mastermind behind the rule, which would have grouped all minority middle-school students into the same homeroom class. Kassen stated that the policy was inspired by conversations with recent graduates who suggested the school could “create greater opportunities for connection and support.” According to the school’s handbook, “research points to the academic, social, and emotional benefits to being in a classroom with others who share racial, ethnic, linguistic, and/or cultural backgrounds.”

Let us pause at the word “research.”

According to the Post, “each grade, which has approximately 40 students, has two homerooms. Students remain with their homeroom groups for 30 percent of the school day.” Not only that, but parents also learned that the policy had already been in effect for the 2017-18 school year, but as one father said, staff wasn’t “very transparent” about what was happening.

Instead, it was his daughter who noticed that all the students of color were together in one class. “If you’re going to have that policy, you need to be upfront,” he added.

“We realized she was placed with all the minority students, but none of her friends,” he continued. “It was peculiar that they didn’t spread everyone out.”

As VIBE points out, multiple celebrity students attend the school, including the kids of Friends actor David Schwimmer and filmmaker Sofia Coppola. Tuition is $45,485 per year.

We’ll just end this by saying we can’t believe this is actually a discussion in 2018.