Philadelphia 76ers v New York Knicks

Source: Elsa / Getty

Carmelo Anthony has something even worse than angry Knicks fans to worry about in the NBA post-season. While it’s a wrap for Melo on the basketball court, he might soon be playing some one-on-one in divorce court.

TMZ announced on Monday that the NBA all-star and his wife La La Anthony have separated after seven years of marriage. According to a source, it was the stress of Melo’s disastrous season that caused the irreparable damages. However, that might not be the entire story. There are some truly messy reports that a pregnant mistress may be the reason behind the sudden (though, let’s be honest, not totally surprising) split.

According to TMZ, a backup dancer from a New York gentleman’s club is claiming she’s nearly seven months pregnant with Melo’s baby, and is expecting him to step up to his responsibilities and pay for medical expenses and other baby-related things. La La seems to have decided to leave him to his own mess, and kicked him out of the home they shared with their 10-year-old son, Kiyan.

Between trade rumors spread by none other than Knicks team president Phil Jackson, and the end of his marriage, it seems like a ring of any kind is just not in the cards for Melo. 

It’s hard to believe that Melo’s contract with the Knicks managed to outlast his marriage