Hipsters Grilling at a Summer Backyard BBQ

Source: Spiderstock / Getty

Another summer holiday is upon us and, as usual, folks are scrambling to figure out what to do. While the midweek holidays, like this year’s 4th of July, definitely puts the brakes on travel for most, don’t think you can’t have fun. Chances for an unforgettable meet-up increase exponentially when folks are lingering locally. It doesn’t matter where you meet, like someone’s house or everyone’s favorite grassy park; it’s all about bring the right things. Don’t waste your downtime doing nothing. Call up your crew, pick a spot, and make sure you have these three things on deck:

The Right Drink

This is two-fold. First you need the bomb-ass virgin drink. Iced tea or punch typically does the trick. This beverage should be refreshing, easy to make, and, most important, delicious (find a recipe online or ask your friend who throws down in the kitchen). Why do all of this work? You’re creating the event’s signature drink. Next, keep a bottle of the optimal liquor to spike your concoction in plain sight, so those who want to up the ante can.

The Right Games

Do you have a Spades or Taboo crew, or both? Think about the games that will garner the most participants but also get the crowd involved. The goal is to pick something that the group will look forward to playing, and keep folks engaged for at least an hour, which is just enough to ensure something fun pops off.

The Right Food

Every city has that one thing everyone craves. It may be cheesecake from a popular bakery or a platter of wings from the “crack chicken” spot. Whatever you decide, there are only two requirements. First, pick a treat you know most folks love, but don’t get often. Second, make sure you bring enough for everyone to sample.