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Being tied down in corporate America can literally kill you.

A new study found that neckties reduce blood to the brain by up to 7.5 percent. It’s definitely a big deal.

The research, which was published in the journal of Neuroradiology and conducted by scientists at the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, notes that snug ties squeeze the veins in the neck and the impact can vary. Experts believe in most cases ties will simply slow down the brain’s processing functions, which impacts your response time and cognitive skills. In extremes situations, ties that restrict too much blood flow can kill organ tissue or cause a stroke.

Does this mean you shouldn’t wear ties? Not at all. For folks who work white-collar jobs where business casual isn’t an option, neckties are a must—and let’s not forget those who like them purely for style. The good news is that you don’t have to ditch the accessory, however, you should be mindful of few things.

It’s Just Knot Cool

Avoid creating an overly snug knot at the base of your tie. Your tie is too tight if it’s uncomfortable when you tighten it, or if you’re exhaling when you loosen it up.

Circulation on Point

Pay attention to the signs of poor blood flow and circulation: numbness, fatigue, trouble concentrating and, tingling and/or coldness in extremities. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms get your blood pressure checked by a medical professional. Also make sure to utilize preventative steps daily, like exercising regularly, taking computer breaks and loosening your ties.

Give Yourself Some Slack

Get in the habit of loosening up your tie when you’re in your office or at your desk. Just how chill you can be will depend on your work environment. For example, corporate dudes can’t be as lax as dandies during their downtime. Use your judgement but put your health first.

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