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So you want to travel consciously, huh? Say no more. For our August 2018 Global X Citizen issue, we’re giving you five ways to see world while giving back and getting the most out of your trip in the process.


1 Shop Like a Local

First of all, how you gonna travel the world and not bring something back to remind you of your experience? That’s just whack. So treat yo’self with something nice, and make sure it’s from a local business. Not only will you get to go home with a sweet new gift, but you’ll also be giving back to the community. Bolstering jobs? Encouraging local investment? It’s a win-win, guys.

2 Eat Like a Local

This kind of goes along with shopping local. It’d be a shame if you didn’t treat your palate to an adventure while trekking abroad, so it only makes sense to try as many new dishes as possible while supporting the local economy. Plus, who the heck wants McDonald’s in Morocco? Laaame.

3 Move Like a Local

What better way to pour into the community you’re visiting while seeing the sites than by taking local transportation? As the Huffington Post notes, not only will you be able to “walk a mile in local shoes,” but you’ll also create long-lasting memories in the process.

4 Shack Like a Local

Or, in this case, stay at a locally run hotel. Sure, a ritzy resort is nice, but you can stay in one of those at home.

5 Volunteer & Donate

Travel blog Drink Tea Travel has some excellent resources regarding which organizations to hit up if you want to donate to charity. Check it out, or maybe even explore how micro-loans can allow you to support a budding entrepreneur in the country you’re visiting.

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