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Last week on Power, lines are beginning to blur, and everyone is questioning whether or not they are on the same team. This week is all about “second chances” when it comes to Power‘s main players— both new and old. The twists are starting to kick in as everyone seems to be plotting behind each other’s backs. So with that said, it’s time to break down what happened in the fourth episode of Power’s fifth season.

Ghost Has His Reservations About Teresi Being A Free Man

The episode opens up with a meeting between the hood Avengers. Tommy rolls up late to the meeting in his tracked muscle car and immediately wants to know the plan on taking out the Jimenez. Jason’s deadline is quickly approaching and Tommy knows Jason won’t hesitate to kill all three of them. Kanan, of course, uses the opportunity to suggest Tommy seek the help of his newly freed dad, Tony Teresi. Ghost is taken back by the news and is not too happy to learn that Tommy thinks it’s no big deal and that his attorney Proctor knew about his dad’s release before him.

Ghost asks Kanan to give him and Tommy a minute alone so they can discuss the latest developments. Kanan asks Ghost, “what about all the working together bullsh*t?” Of course, he is pretending that he cares and while he is walking away he flashes his signature sinister grin. Ghost shifts his attention on his Caucasian brother and asks Tommy what Teresi knows. Tommy insists that Teresi doesn’t know a thing about their business… yet. Tommy promises Ghost that he won’t tell Teresi anything and ensures Ghost his dad wouldn’t snitch anyway because he’s “family.” Ghost has to remind Tommy that his dad blackmailed him twice while he was in prison and that Teresi’s only been his dad for “15 minutes” compared to him being his family “his whole goddamn life.” Keep in mind they are yelling so Kanan can hear all of the tea being spilled. They come to an understanding and Tommy leaves vowing to take out the Jimenez by himself.

Once he leaves, Ghost and Kanan plot on a way to get Teresi out of the picture without Tommy knowing they were behind it. As usual, Ghost has a plan to make Tommy come off very toxic to his new mafia family, so they sever ties with him without anyone getting hurt especially Tommy. Kanan agrees, but we all know he has something up his sleeve.

Angela Shifts Her Attention To The Jimenez Cartel

Last week, Angela recruited Jerry to help her shelve this season’s newest nuisance, Blanca Rodriguez’s investigation into Ray Ray’s murder/disappearance. Using her newly acquired powers, Angela had Jerry seize all information and evidence on the case practically burying it. Jerry delivers all of the obtained materials to Angela, and she locks it away in a cabinet. She texts Tasha informing her that the case is buried for now and leaves the keys inside her desk. Now, this is very sloppy of Angela and of course, and we know this will indeed come back to haunt her and Tasha somehow.

Now, you didn’t honestly believe that was gonna stop Blanca, right? She is still on the case and sits down with Darryl, the poor sucker whose login Angela used to delete information about the case from the database. Darryl is on suspension due to Angela’s use of his login and is reluctant to share who else knows his information. Blanca informs him that she has an interesting theory on that whole situation. She also still has some information that was not seized by Jerry. Blanca has a flow chart with all of the players in her case hidden behind a cabinet.

With that dealt with, its time to land the big fish, the Jimenez Cartel. Angela and crew finally came to the realization that the mystery woman was Diego’s sister Alicia— the other half of Jimenez brothers. With this newly discovered information, they can proceed with taking them down. There is one problem at the moment, and that is figuring out their exact location. They know they are still in New York City but don’t know where exactly. Angela has a plan for that, and it involves Arturo, the newly appointed leader of the Toros Locos gang. Angela figures if they can get to him they can get him to sing on the Jimenez.

Teresi Continues To Play Tommy Like A Cheap Fiddle

Now a free man, Teresi is making his rounds and is carrying out his mission to squeeze information out his son Tommy about Ghost. The first stop is the cemetery where Teresi tells his eager son a story about his father and mother and him joining the family to help give his mother the life his father wanted her to have. While showing off the family plot and pointing out where he and his dying wife Connie lives, he vows to take care of her to the very end. Tommy is eating all of Teresi’s lies up and adds that he will help his dad take care of his dying stepmom.

With that out the way, Tommy and his father stop by mafia HQ so that Tony can get reacquainted with his mafia brethren. Vincent is elated to see the legendary stand up guy who risked his freedom in order to protect them. While everyone is happy that Tony is walking the streets again, there was one young member who asked Vincent the million dollar question. How did Teresi get out of a life sentence just like that? Vincent plays it down, vouching for Teresi and points out that if he did cop to some sort of deal anyone he could snitch on is dead anyway.

Teresi’s plan to woo his son is working, but he might have raised his son’s suspicions by accident. Tommy is on a phone call with Jason promising to take care of that request soon but asking for some more time to get it done. Jason didn’t want to hear that and hangs up on Tommy leaving him visibly frustrated in front of his father. Teresi inquires about the phone call, and Tommy tells him it was about him “throwing another party” and that he will handle it. Teresi tries to use the opportunity to get some much-needed information out of him and offers to help his son. Tommy wisely declines his dad’s offer and insists this is a matter he has to deal with his on and drives off. Looks like Tommy’s paranoia is back after the exchange between him and his dad.

Dre and Alicia Working Relationship Is Getting Interesting

Dre is clearly in over his head now that he is the boss and is learning that dealing with the Jimenez is proving to be very difficult. Diego already warned Dre to keep his eyes off his sister, she is clearly her own boss and seems to have taken a liking to the young drug lord. While going over the numbers for his club, Alicia surprises Dre and wants the rundown on his numbers. She knows about her brother’s growing tab and insists that Dre regardless of how her brother feels tell her exactly how much Diego shenanigans are costing Dre. He reveals that Diego owes the club about $60,000 and his “aggressive behavior” is making the club’s bottle girls quit.

To make matters even more interesting, Dre points out that one of Karen Bassett’s managers are beginning to notice the numbers are off and that could affect the deal. Alicia agrees that they need to find a solution and tells Dre she will be sending him instructions on the matter soon.

Tasha Reaches Her Boiling Point With Ghost

Tasha and Ghost are trying to cope with the loss of Raina separately, but that is apparently not working for either of them. The “couple” already have an interesting arrangement going on between them, but Raina’s death is turning out to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Tasha is sick and tired of playing the perfect wife for a man she thinks just only cares about himself. And after a discussion with her mom and her lover/attorney SIlver decides to pack up her things and take Yazzy (the child we barely see).

All throughout the episode Ghost has been lashing out at Tasha and flipping the blame on her for things she really has no control over. The first argument begins when Ghost gets upset at a still visibly shaken Tasha in her bed knocked out after taking prescriptions pills. Ghost wakes her to up get ready for a fundraiser for the project to honor Raina, but Tasha isn’t up for it. James doesn’t want to hear it and before he storms out of the bedroom and calling Tasha selfish for not wanting to go.

The second argument takes place when Tasha walks in on Ghost who is upset about what happened at the fundraiser when he froze during the speech because he thought he saw Raina in the crowd. The conversation seemed civil as Ghost was expressing his feelings. Tasha tries to console him and tells him it was just a speech, but he cuts her off by blaming her once again. He ridiculously states that if Tasha were there in the first place him freezing and embarrassing himself wouldn’t have happened.

Which finally leads to Tasha’s “Not Gon’ Cry” Mary J. Blige moment with here packing up her things and leaving the penthouse and their “marriage.” Ghost originally did his best to try and salvage the situation before telling Tasha to leave because he no longer “needs her.” Tasha clearly already had her mind made up and hearing that from Ghost only confirmed her feelings.

Proctor Is In Trouble

Proctor just wants to be a dad and continue to practice law but dealing with Ghost and especially Tommy is making that hard. John Mak, with the reluctant help of Terry Silver, is making his life miserable, but some new revelations in Proctor’s world add more fuel to the fire.

Joe has sole custody of his daughter now due to his wife’s booger sugar (cocaine) habit. She pays a surprise visit to the Proctor household and neither Joe or his daughter care to see her. She claims she is there to make amends for the all the hurt she caused them both. She announces she has been clean for 30 days and gives her daughter a sobriety chip as proof. Joe’s daughter isn’t really buying it and tells her mom she is going to add the chip to her collection of other broken promises from her mom. She also informs Proctor of her plans to start studying for the bar exam again. Joe decides he has heard enough when his ex-wife claims she will get joint custody of their child. He emphatically lets her know that will never happen and that he will never let anything come between his job or being a father to his daughter. He might have to eat those words.

Joe reaches out to Ghost to share some information with him regarding Teresi, but he has no idea that Ghost already knows that Tommy reached out to him. Proctor’s primary reason for reaching out to Ghost is to make sure Ghost continues to keep his hands clean for the sake of both of them. Proctor tells his favorite client to not get involved in any illegal activities with his brother Tommy because Mak is on their ass, but we already know its too late as he decided to wash Tommy’s dirty money.

The ghost of the dead Homeland Security Agent, Bailey Markham, has come back to haunt Joe. The FBI under the orders of John Mak shows up announced to search for any clues in regards to the disappearance of Markham in Proctor’s residence. Proctor did an excellent job of scrubbing any trace of Bailey from his apartment after Tommy viciously stabbed him to death. Proctor didn’t seem to be too worried but he does have Bailey’s laptop still, and we wonder if that will somehow magically pop up again.

Kanan Makes Another Power Move

Kanan wants a second chance at being the most significant drug lord in NYC, and he is seizing his opportunity even at the expense of his new “teammates.” The plan was to make Tommy no longer attractive to his mafia family, and Kanan’s plan is to initiate a drive-by. He instructs his two goons to fire at Tommy and his Italian friends with blank bullets just to scare them. In this show, no plan goes perfectly, and the two knuckleheads instead opt for live ammunition to pull off the stunt. They roll up on Tommy and his crew and spray them with gunfire hitting Vincent in the leg. Now we are not sure if Kanan had a feeling his boys were going to deviate from the plan, but he rolls up and kills his own hitters.

That boy Kanan is so slick.

He uses the opportunity to build a relationship with the Italians which pretty much sets himself up once everything is said and done. With all the pieces of his plan to get back in the game falling in place that just leaves the Jimenez, Dre and eventually Ghost and Tommy.

Angela and Ghost Are Brought Back Together After Being Played Separately

Now you knew these two would eventually find themselves back in each others company, somehow, some way. Who knew it would take them getting played separately by individuals in each of their respective situations?The notoriously sloppy one, Angela, bumped into a handsome agent named Steve. Remember when she couldn’t resist spilling the beans on her case to bring down the Jimenez cartel to him over dinner? Well, that comes back to bite her in the ass quickly. Led by Angela and her team and Arturo flipping, they successfully manage to bring in Alicia and Diego before they hopped on a plane. Now, ironically, this all happens right after Dre and Cristobal meet up with the cartel to collect money Diego owed them.

The victory was shortlived because government agent Steve pops back up, and Angela is pissed. During Steve’s interrogation of Alicia, we learn that the government feels Jimenez Cartel is “too big to fail” at this point. The big twist is that Alicia has been leaving breadcrumbs all along for them to arrest her brother who she feels has become a huge liability. She offers Steve her brother as a consolation prize, but Steve says they can’t keep him at the moment. Once the interrogation is over, Angela lets Steve know how she feels. He insists that he did not use her, his feelings for her are real and that he does not work for the Jimenez. Angela isn’t buying any of it though, but we can’t say she didn’t bring any of this on herself.

Ghost has his own issues as well, besides his way of life taking his youngest daughter and leaving him, his business partner Tate has been doing him dirty as well. After his poor showing at the fundraiser, Tate decides to take a meeting with Ghost’s nemesis Dre. He feels since Ghost is slipping, that Dre could come in and be that face for the project that he thought Ghost could be. Dre is reluctant of course, but before he leaves the meeting, Tate drops this nugget on him— “never underestimate the value of a good public image.” It would seem that well-planted seed worked as Tate introduces Dre at a meeting as the new face of the project to Ghost leaving screaming internally.

Both down and out Angela reaches out to Ghost, and the two meet up at a diner. It’s clear there is still something there but who knows what these two could be thinking. We shall see next episode.