Last week’s season 8 premiere got the ball rolling on the final season with reunions we have waited forever for, magic dragon rides and Jon finally learning who the hell he really is. Last night’s episode (Apr.21) picks right up where the premiere left off with Jaimie’s one-handed self arriving into Winterfell after a long […]

The wait is over, winter has arrived as Game of Thrones’ final season has officially begun, and the first episode didn’t waste any time making things exciting with some crucial moments that set the table immediately for the curtain call. Washpoppin In Winterfell? Previously on Game of Thrones, Dany and Jon finally knocked incestuous boots […]

Last week we witnessed the St.Patrick family lose a “family friend” allowing them to breathe a massive sigh of relief. Their victory will be short-lived, unfortunately. The aftershocks are still being felt after Kanan’s death. Tasha, Ghost, Riq, and Angela are in the clear for now but its Riq who still feels a way about […]

Last week on Power, while Ghost and his family struggled to celebrate Tariq’s birthday, Kanan was out making sure his planted seeds of discourse grew. With everything crumbling around him, Ghost runs in the arms of the lord and Angela. And after his talk with Reverend Macedon Ghost is now a changed man and tries […]

Last week on Power, Kanan started planting his seeds of dysfunction, Tasha finally decides to close the book on her troubled marriage, Tony is tightening his grip on Tommy, Angela’s bedroom behavior got her played, and Ghost’s road to being a legit businessman is looking rockier than ever. Those issues get even worse in season […]

Last week on Power, lines are beginning to blur, and everyone is questioning whether or not they are on the same team. This week is all about “second chances” when it comes to Power‘s main players— both new and old. The twists are starting to kick in as everyone seems to be plotting behind each […]

Previously on Power, “Damage Control” was the key, this week everyone is trying to find out if they are on the same team when it comes to their respective parties. Power’s fifth season is still young, but everyone’s ulterior motives are starting to come to light in the hit Starz show. So let’s unpack episode 3— […]

Tommy's past decisions are coming back to haunt the team.

They say this is a big, rich town. It’s been a year, but we finally get to hear Joe croon those sweet words again from our television speakers because Power is back. So here is a quick rundown of last season. The gang is all here, well everyone except for Raina, played by Donshea Hopkins, […]

The Well

We needed watching suburban life in the '80s to remind us that you really can get through anything.