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Can we get a show with just Marshawn Lynch just telling stories over a bowl of Skittles?

We all witnessed Beast Mode’s epic injury cart joyride after his then California Golden Bears overtime victory over the Washington Huskies in 2006. Now we get to hear the man retell the story in his own voice and it’s just as epic as when it happened.

Lynch sat down with now-retired NBA tough guy Matt Barnes for Uninterrupted’s new tell-all series #SameEnergy that goes inside the minds of sports most notorious bad boys. To refresh your memory, the Oakland Raiders running back, then a junior with Cal, scored on the first possession of overtime with 22-yard TD run. The California Bears sealed the deal against the Huskies with an interception.

While the Huskies sulked in defeat, Lynch breaks down the October 21st, 2016 legendary moment that he describes as “meant to be” in the most Marshawn Lynch way ever. He noticed the injury cart still had the keys in it, was facing the direction he needed to go so he “slid in that thang, and started yoking that motherf*****.” It’s the most beautiful breakdown of a you-had-to-be-there sporting moment ever.

Even Huskie fans had to appreciate the moment despite the fact it was rubbing salt in an at the time fresh wound. How often will you see a player take an injury cart for a joy ride or as Lynch in the most Bay Area way possible describe it, “profiling?” Never change Marshawn, never change. Hopefully, Matt Barnes will break down his long journey to his ex-wife’s house to issue his former friend/teammate Derek Fisher the fade.

You can watch Beast Mode’s injury cart moment in the video below.