We Tried It: Sweet Heat Skittles


Has someone told the Skittle Gawd that is Marshawn Lynch about the new Sweet Heat flavor?

That’s a reaction we need to see. But until then, we convince Cory and Sherrod to try spicy skittles for the first time. Before we can even get them to taste, Cory is already dropping some pretty controversial opinions by saying orange skittles are the best. We’re going to respectfully disagree and say that might be the most blasphemous thing we’ve ever heard.

Cory isn’t talking much sh*t when he tosses a handful of the spicy skittles in his mouth, and it isn’t long before he’s running to the bathroom because he can’t take the heat. But, to prove that he isn’t overreacting Cory invites some homies on the show to get a taste for themselves. And it turns out, the rest of the crew is feeling them and isn’t too scared of the spice, so we’re just gonna say Cory isn’t with spicy sh*t.

We know what you’re thinking, and we wanted Sherrod to taste the sweet heat skittles just as badly as you. But he’s got some intestinal issues that prevent him from eating spicy stuff and replacing his cotton filled organs gets expensive AF, and we didn’t have the budget to even test the waters. Next time he won’t get off so easy, though.

We Tried It, Skittles

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video


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