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Erections are a natural biological response to sexual stimuli, but sometimes dicks don’t always cooperate with how you’re feeling. You can be aroused, but your lingam doesn’t seem to be following the script. If you’re having issues with maintaining hard erections, chances are you’re experiencing ED, better known as erectile dysfunction. The most important thing to know about ED is that it is a symptom, not a condition in itself. Once you get to the root cause of the restricted blood flow to your penis, your issues with limp erections can often be rectified. If you’ve been experiencing weak erections and want to know why, take a look at these four common reasons and see how you match up.


1 You Get Too Nervous

Anxiety is your erection’s worst enemy. When the mind is in an anxious state, the body turns on its fight or flight response, which causes blood to flow away from the pelvic region and into the body’s vital organs (think heart and lungs) for preservation in case of an attack. Unfortunately, the body doesn’t differentiate between a physical threat and mental anxiety—stress is stress. The best solution is to relax. Remind yourself that you’re not there to “perform”. Focus on enjoying the moment and engaging in a mutually pleasurable exchange. Discussing sex before it happens also helps. Talk to your partner about what she/he likes and share your desires to eliminate the guessing game.


2 Your Health Isn’t On Point

Health conditions that restrict blood flow, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and kidney issues, can cause ED. Medications for these conditions may also restrict blood flow. Stay on top of your health. Get annual check-ups with a medical professional. And, if you’re on meds talk to your doctor about any side effects you’re experiencing. Be candid.

3 You Cum Too Much

It’s hard to believe that busting nuts can be harmful to your erections, but it’s true. Frequent masturbation with multiple ejaculations daily can place stress on your prostate gland. Overtime, this pattern can weaken your erections. There’s nothing wrong with self-pleasuring, just be mindful of the frequency. When you self-pleasure, practice edging and commit to having an ejaculatory release 1-2 times a week instead of daily. The less you ejaculate, the better it is for your sexual health. Retaining your semen strengthens erections and prolongs your sexual experience.


4 One-Offs

Sometimes situations that arise in or outside of the bedroom can place stress on your mind and body, making it difficult to stay in the moment. Things like a fight before your erotic encounter, being in an uncomfortable neighborhood or smells that don’t agree with your olfactory senses, can cause your erections to go south. Situational erectile dysfunction can be remedied by resolving the issues within your internal and external environment.