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Boston Celtics All-Star PG, Kyrie Irving is feeling good again now that the left knee infection that sidelined him for the entire second half of last season is now behind him. Uncle Drew is ready to hit the court again with his young overachieving Boston Celtics teammates when training camp opens.

It was “a long, long f—ing two months,” Irving describing the rehab process to ESPN on Thursday (July 27th) while at USA Basketball camp in Las Vegas. Back in April, he underwent season-ending surgery to remove two screws from his left patella after the Celtics revealed he was suffering from a bacterial infection where the screws were placed. The screws were first inserted in his knee back in 2015 to repair a fracture he sustained the 2015 NBA Finals while he was on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Irving added that infection was found on the metal wiring and screws found in his knee and that it was so severe it could have become a staph infection. Thanks to the fact it was caught and treated early, Irving avoided that scary outcome. The crafty point guard also revealed that to battle the infection Irving needed to have a catheter inserted in a vein going directly to his heart.

“I mean, you ask anybody with an infection, they will probably try to downplay it,” Irving said when asked how scary the infection was. “It’s a personal thing because your body is going through it. I was fighting an infection in a specific place in your body where you can’t necessarily reach with your hands. You got to go in there and kind of see what’s going on, and what happened for me was, the metal wiring and the screws that I had in there, the infection was on that, so I had to remove that and then be on antibiotics for about two months,” he told ESPN.

“It could have evolved to staph, but good thing we caught it early. I am glad that is done. That was a long, long f—ing two months.”

Irving with his trainer took part in some in one-on-one drills and has been participating in light exercises involving light contact. Irving insists he will be ready to get back to work and is looking forward to joining Gordan Heyward and lead his band of young upstarts to the promised land.  Irving naturally excited spoke on playing this upcoming season:

“Nothing but excited to lead that group. I mean, we haven’t started [yet, so] everyone is zero-zero right now. … The most important thing right now is finding our cohesion,” Irving added.

With his “nemesis” LeBron James now on the west coast, the Raptors not as menacing as they once were the Celtics are now the clear favorites in the Eastern Conference. We are looking forward to seeing Kyrie collect ankles with renewed vigor.