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Don’t ask us why Sherrod has on the tiny sunglasses Rihanna has been wearing all Summer 2018. There’s no telling what he might say if he sees viewers cracking jokes on him on Twitter and Instagram.

Anyway, on this episode of We Tried It, the boys are trying out the Flagship Pineapple Corer. There’s nothing worse than being in the mood for a pineapple but not being in the mood to deal with the annoyance of cutting one up — that’s what the corer is for.

Just cut the top off of a pineapple, then firmly push the corer down and spin. Once you hit the bottom, just pull it out and you’ve got fresh pineapple just waiting to be diced up. But even better than that? This might just be the happiest we’ve ever seen Cory reviewing a product. Sherrod kept trying to grab a piece to taste but Cory wasn’t wasting fresh pineapple on a puppet with no taste buds.

Cory loved it so much, he drank the fresh pineapple juice out of a martini glass and called the experience “divine.” Check out the video and find out how the corer can help you make your next summer party a vibe.

We Tried It, Pineapple

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