Fans begged for more Venom after the first full trailer for the film featuring Marvel’s favorite anti-hero arrived. The folks at Sony Pictures heard your cries and unleashed the beast within on us today in a new trailer full of symbiote action.

Oh, and of course there is still plenty of Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock and his unusual accent talking to himself and the symbiote for you to enjoy as well. The story follows Brock, a journalist who discovers a shady experiment involving a dangerous alien species. His determination to expose the truth leads him to “bonding” with one of the symbiotes in the lab. The two, after some internal conversations, come to a deal that lets the symbiotic being take over Brock’s body when necessary and become the powerful anti-hero Venom to fulfill its lust for violence and consuming his foes.

We also get to see Riz Ahmed’s villain in action alongside Brock in full symbiote form as Riot. The two clash briefly in the trailer and Riot looks absolutely massive compared to Brock’s Venom. Marvel fans have been very skeptical about this film, but this trailer should quell most of those fears about the upcoming movie. With Spider-Man currently turned to dust thanks to the Thanos snap it’s not sure if these two favorite characters will ever share a screen together again. We will have our fingers crossed because we honestly deserve a do-over from Venom’s first big screen appearance when he teamed up with Sandman in that terrible Spider-Man 3 movie.

Hopefully, Venom can help get rid of that bad taste left in our mouths when he delivers his style of dark justice when the film arrives in theaters October 5. Watch Eddie let Venom take control and get his snack on in the trailer below.