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When you take a look at breakout artist Danny Ocean, it’s impossible not to smile. The tall, lanky performer is six feet something of pure happiness and chill vibes — just like his music.

The Venezuelan native went viral last year for his hit single “Me Rehuso,” which went viral after being added to a Spotify playlist. At a listening party for his new music sponsored by AXE, he spoke about how much of a wild ride it’s been ever since.

“We just came from nothing and now we have all of this attention,” he told CASSIUS. “It’s been amazing. From coming from 400 views on YouTube to going to one billion streams…believe me once you see those numbers, you can’t believe it’s happening.”

But in the past year, he’s been in the studio working on his new material. While many of his songs keep the same upbeat, dance energy of his songs “Me Rehuso” and “Dembow” bring a refreshing take to the Latin Pop genre that is unique to his voice, which he refers to as his fingerprint on the industry.

“There are a lot of Latin voices in the business, but I guess I have a different way of conveying my message,” he said. “I’m very influenced by different cultures. Every singer has a signature sound.”

However, don’t let the bold sound fool you — it doesn’t mean Ocean is exempt from getting nervous. He told CASSIUS all about an instance a couple of months prior when he went out to California with the AXE fam to perform at his first ever prom.

“You see in the movies how the prom in the states is like a big thing,” he said. “I was nervous, it was only my second live show ever. I thought teenagers were going to be a really tough audience but I think they really related to ‘Me Rehuso,’ so that was awesome.”

It won’t be long before Ocean releases more relatable new music to the public — but until then? Make sure to check out his AXE slingshot karaoke hits down below.