We know Kanye West said that we should wear Timbs on the beach, but that wouldn’t be the first time he said something bizarre.

So, on this episode of “Grown Man Sh*t” Dustin is teaching you how to not look like you just left the block while you’re at the beach — because not every occasion calls for a designer belt. First up is the classic boardshorts. Boardshorts usually hit the knee so you aren’t showing too much leg and have a bunch of pockets which can hold weed, condoms and any other materials you need for a nefarious night after you get wasted at the bar near the beach. The only other acceptable clothing for dudes at the beach are swim trunks. The swim trunks show off a little bit of leg which is perfect for when you get that tan and proves how confident you are.

But no matter what you’re wearing, make sure you tie your trunks tight so they don’t go flying off while you’re on the water slide or get hit by a small wave in the water and you panic because you can barely doggie paddle.

By now you might be wondering why we aren’t talking about speedos— the tighty-whities of the swim attire word, and that’s because we don’t respect them and neither should you. That’s just some grown man shit.

Also, please don’t dance like this.

Grown Man Shit. Swimming

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video