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Diddy Comments on Kanye’s Relationship With Trump

In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night, Kimmel asked Diddy if he was “in any way jealous” of Kanye West’s relationship with Trump. Keeping it firm and classy, Diddy simply denied it.

“Nah,” Diddy said. “Nah, I’m good. I’m good.”

Kimmel then asked if he had any interest in running for president, which Diddy shot down again.

“No, I wouldn’t make a good president,” Diddy said. “I wouldn’t really pass any of the things that you have to pass, but I guess Trump did it … But no, I like what I’m doing. I don’t know if I could be responsible for the whole country.”

Terry Crews Teams Up With Samantha Bee For Male Sexual Harassment PSA

On Wednesday night’s Full Frontal, comedian Samantha Bee was joined by Terry Crews to make a PSA for people to take male sexual assault and abuse more seriously amid the #MeToo movement.

After declaring the numbers that one out of 33 men have been victims of attempted or completed rape, Bee said, “Sexual assault of men is a real problem and not a joke, despite the way we tend to talk about it.”

Both Crews and Bee called out people who joke about topics like prison rape, boys being molested, and high school boys being assaulted by teachers.

Demi Lovato is Reportedly Leaving the Hospital This Week

The singer/songwriter/actress is expected to leave the hospital this week after an apparent overdose on July 24. Sources told TMZ on Wednesday that Lovato has been stabilized and is now faced with a big decision — either she goes to rehab or she loses a lot of the people who were close to her.

One person who works with Demi told TMZ many people who work with her will quit if she doesn’t admit herself, saying, “She could die if she doesn’t, and that’s not going to be on my watch that we did nothing.”