Diddy Comments on Kanye’s Relationship With Trump In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night, Kimmel asked Diddy if he was “in any way jealous” of Kanye West’s relationship with Trump. Keeping it firm and classy, Diddy simply denied it. “Nah,” Diddy said. “Nah, I’m good. I’m good.” Kimmel then asked if he […]

Sgt. La David Johnson and three other U.S. soldiers were killed in an ambush by Islamic State affiliates last October.

President Donald Trump has likely inspired a generation of young White mass killers.

"I believe I saved a lot more black lives than Black Lives Matter," he once said. We'll just leave it there.

45's policy would make target teens of color and fuel the school-to-prison pipeline.

The president added another layer of challenges for Haiti to overcome.