Cassius Life Featured Video

In this digital age, quick hits and page clicks have sadly become the name of the game. Media outlets rush to be the first to cover any and everything, whether it’s the latest album to drop, or a gossipy story based on some rapper’s Instagram. Here at CASSIUS, our main objective is to change that, bringing credibility back to cultural journalism and remembering a time where conversation actually sparked ideas.

With that in mind, we’re introducing “The SoundTable,” a content series hosted by CASSIUS Entertainment Editor Cory Townes, where he sits with select industry professionals, fellow journalists and cultural commentators to discuss hot topics. In the debut episode, Cory sits with Gabriel Williams (Social Media Specialist at CASSIUS) and Brittany Lewis (Video Programming Manager of Hip Hop at Spotify) to discuss Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN album, the role of music journalism in 2017, and what constitutes a “classic” album.

Welcome to “The SoundTable,” where everything is seen and everyone is heard.