We spoke with the Philadelphia 76er about his road to recovery and the resurrection of the franchise.

The Well

Philadelphia is the birthplace of American democracy, cheesesteak, the Fresh Prince and much more. But to Cassius entertainment editor Cory Townes, it’s home. And lucky for us, Cory decided to show us some Brotherly Love in the form of a tour of his home town for the new episode of Lit City, our video series […]

A recent article raised a curious question in regards to the ongoing controversy surrounding a famously outspoken quarterback:  “Where Are Colin Kaepernick’s Frat Brothers?” The author also attempted to answer: “Unfortunately, the Kappas are hiding, too.” With all due respect to the author, I don’t feel compelled to spend too much time sifting through his […]

We discuss Issa's new roster, Molly's family woes and Lawrence falling into Marvin's Room.

The Front

Cory Townes and Mouse Jones return to discuss Issa's new groove, and the end(?) of the #LawrenceHive.

The Front

Last week, CASSIUS premiered the “MENSECURE Podcast.” The series is dedicated to providing commentary on the hit HBO show Insecure from a man’s perspective. Episode 1 received a lot of praise by #LawrenceHive and #Issapologists alike, and CASSIUS is looking to continue the momentum with Episode 2. In the newest episode, we recap the third episode of […]