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Sadly, we’re not having Cory try any weird foods this time around, but we did find an excuse to throw liquids at him.

On the latest episode of We Tried It, we convince Cory to put on a hydrophobic—water- and moisture-resistant—shirt. Our studio isn’t large enough for a pool, so we had to put plan B into action…and that was to throw Cory’s favorite flavor of Gatorade on him. Sherrod is wrapped in a plastic bag, because even though he wanted to rock a hydrophobic shirt too, they don’t offer them in toddler sizes. We covered the entire set in plastic so as to not ruin anything but Cory’s mood, and the production crew began to throw water and Gatorade on Cory—until we realized that the shirt might not be doing its job.

Per usual, when the product isn’t poppin’ we destroy it. But since we can’t hammer a shirt to death, it’s time to see what happens when we toss it in the blender. The blender didn’t work too well, but the boys did manage to make something they call rotten Gatorade punch. (Don’t ask.)

We Tried It, Waterproof Shirt

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