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There’s no food for Cory this time around. Instead, the crew surprised him with a smartwatch in hopes of getting him to stop wearing his favorite gold Casio watch.

Initially, Cory is pretty hype that he got an Apple watch, but it turns out it’s just a smart bracelet that we found on the internet for the low-low. It’s called an iWear, and it will only run you $35. Cory promises to buy Sherrod a watch, but perhaps getting one with a kid’s meal would be simpler. Sherrod shoots back at Cory claiming he doesn’t need him to cop him a watch because he already has an Apple Watch. He just decides not to wear it because he doesn’t wanna stunt too hard on Cory. Perhaps it has an iced-out bezel and he’s scared to wear it to the office—or he’s just full of sh*t.

(…We’re going with the latter.)

But we digress. The watch isn’t too responsive as Cory tries to jog around the studio to get it to read his heart rate, and the touch screen just isn’t poppin’.

Watch the video up top to see how *destruction time* turned out.

We Tried It waterproof bracelet

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