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Sherrod must have been listening to 50 Cent’s The Massacre on the way to the office today, because he’s rocking a stocking cap with his hood pulled down to his nose. He’s also got the word problematic across his hoodie and no one really knows what that’s about.

Any who, on the latest episode of We Tried It, the boys try out something every bonafide breakfast lover keeps on deck: a waffle iron. But not just any waffle iron, this one lets you make waffles in the shape of Darth Vader. Cory and Sherrod brag a bit about what special ingredients they add to their waffle mix to give it a bit of a twist, but sadly we don’t get to see the duo whip it up. With the dry ingredients and liquids already blended, Cory carefully pours it into the press. Sherrod wanted to help, but his cotton arms would’ve probably touched the burning griddle and no one really wanted a fire in the studio.

The first waffle comes out extremely lightskin and Sherrod dubs him Drake Vader. The second doesn’t come out much better looking and is pretty burnt, which reminds Cory of his old gym teacher. What messes it up for Cory, a waffle connoisseur, is the lack of grooves, which allow for optimal syrup distribution. Sadly, the boys didn’t get to taste the waffles because there was no syrup on set. We’re just gonna blame that on our production team.

We Tried It Waffle Maker

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