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Last week we witnessed the St.Patrick family lose a “family friend” allowing them to breathe a massive sigh of relief. Their victory will be short-lived, unfortunately.

The aftershocks are still being felt after Kanan’s death. Tasha, Ghost, Riq, and Angela are in the clear for now but its Riq who still feels a way about setting up the man who said he was a like a father to him. Season five’s penultimate episode is full of intrigue and suspense as everyone’s motives are becoming clear and people are snitching on each other left and right.

Riq is Ghost 2.0 

The episode picks up with Riq watching the direct result of the plan himself, Tasha and Angela cooked up to take out Power‘s boogeyman. While he’s soaking in the coverage, Tasha, Ghost, and Tommy can be heard arguing over the events of that night. Ghost is still fuming over the fact that his ex-wife and his mistress went behind his back and came up with a plan that put their son’s life in danger and resulted in the deaths of four cops as well as Kanan.

The discussion is cut short by Riq who reveals to his dad and uncle that it was all his idea to set up Kanan after Tasha slaps Ghost for saying “one dead kid wasn’t enough for her.” Ghost is beside himself, especially after Riq describes Kanan’s death as a loss for him and win for them because he was the only one who cared for Kanan. Ghost is officially fed up with his son and sends him to his room to pack so he can get on the train and go back to school.

While walking to Grand Central, Ghost tries one more time to reach his son, but he fails miserably. Riq wants in on the family business, and he wants his dad to teach him. James tells his son he would instead kill him then get him involved in the drug game. That’s not the answer young Riq was looking for, and he heads inside the train station, but he doesn’t get on the train.

The saga with Riq continues, instead of heading back to private school like his dad instructed, Riq goes to pay Vincent a visit. The young St. Patrick has ambitions to pick up where his dead friend Kanan left and wants to flip the weight he left behind in his death. Vincent doesn’t say yes to the idea initially, but Riq convinces the Italian mobster to give him a shot. Before he leaves, he asks Vincent for a fake ID, and when gets it instead of his actual name it says Eric Stark. Looks like Riq took that whole “you’re the son I never had” spiel Kanan told him literally and goes to the morgue to pick up Kanan’s ashes.

Teresi Is In Now In Over His Head

The countdown is winding down for Teresi to deliver the goods to Saxe and Mak. The annoying prosecutors tell Teresi if they don’t get something substantial from him they well hand over photos of Teresi taking to them to Vincent. Teresi doesn’t want to go swimming with fishes the ocean no time soon. We’ve all seen our share of mob movies and we know if you happen to be a “rat” or a “snitch” you are as a good as dead.

Teresi doesn’t want that to happen, mainly because Connie is on her last legs and had to be moved to a hospice. Mak and Saxe wish to put Tommy in jail as soon as possible and put the pressure on Teresi to deliver. Unfortunately for Teresi, those two aren’t the only ones making life stressful for him. His best friend and long-time partner in crime are also putting the screws to him. Sammy feels Teresi is going soft by not wanting to set up Tommy to take the fall and shipping him to jail for a long time. Teresi insists he is still sticking to the plan, but he really doesn’t have any intentions of snitching on his kid.

Sammy is still suspicious and catches Teresi on the phone offering up Ghost to Saxe and Mak instead of Tommy as it was initially planned. The two get into a heated argument with Tommy walking in on the action. Before Sammy could say anything, Teresi grabs a knife and stabs his best friend in the stomach killing him. Crisis averted for now.

Dre Takes Another L

Dre has been losing all season long. Diego’s head landing in his club’s freezer was not a good look especially for Diego’s sister Alicia. She is furious about the revelation and demotes Dre, putting Cristobal in charge of distribution for the east coast. As expected the news doesn’t sit well with Dre who just can’t seem to catch a break.

Running out of options, Dre entertains an offer from Angela who pays him a visit. She wants Alicia bad and makes Dre an offer he really can’t refuse. Luckily for her, Cristobal told Dre he was going to visit Alicia and revealed exactly where she’d be staying at. Dre shares the information with Angela setting up an F.B.I. raid leading to the arrests of Alicia and Cristobal. So not only is Dre going to be put in protective custody now but he also got rid of Cristobal and Alicia at the same time.

Proctor Does The Unthinkable

Teresi isn’t the only one Mak and Saxe have been pressing for information. They finally got Proctor to crack, and he agrees to wear a wire while talking to Ghost which goes against everything he stands for. Proctor meets with Ghost at Truth and is visibly nervous. It doesn’t take too long for Proctor to write down on a napkin that he is wearing a wire. Proctor tries his best to get Ghost to mention anything about Angela but isn’t getting any bites. The mere mention of Proctor wearing a recording device infuriates Ghost.

Realizing he’s not going to get any information out of his former client, Proctor disables the device. Ghost immediately pounces on his lawyer threatening to kill him for even trying that wire nonsense on him. Cooler heads prevail, and Ghost opts not to murder Joe. Before he leaves, Proctor gives Ghost a stern warning that Angela may flip on him and that he should choose himself over his lover. Proctors words may ring true.

Angela Getting Played Causes A Serious Chain of Events

Angela’s victory celebration after bringing down the Jimenez cartel is short-lived again. Despite Tameika telling Saxe, Mak, and Blanca to drop the case against Angela they still are hot on her tail. Angela notices them leaving an office, and she decides to be nosy and go in there. She discovers the photos of Teresi talking Mak and Saxe and takes pictures of them with her smartphone.

With the new information she just learned, she quickly calls Mak to her office where he confirms that Teresi is Tommy’s dad and that he is their confidential informant. Angela runs to Ghost with the news and gives him the photos confirming his suspicions about Teresi. Knowing that if he told Tommy this news his caucasian brother wouldn’t believe him. So he opts to tell Vincent instead, because why wouldn’t Tommy believe the mob boss?

Vincent calls in Tommy who at this point believes Sammy is the rat and his dad killed him because of it. His world is turned upside down when Vincent drops the bomb on him that his dad is the snitch and he shows him the photos. Tommy doesn’t want to believe it, but he eventually comes to terms with the news and decides to link up with his dad. During the car ride to Connie’s hospice, Teresi notices that his son is unusually quiet. The silence is broken when Tommy asks his dad exactly how he got out of jail. Teresi tells his son a lie, and Tommy knows it, Teresi knows the jig is up and finally comes clean.

Tommy is now in full cancel Christmas mode and drops his dad off at the hospice so he can get one more night with his dying wife. Teresi tells Connie he has no intention of turning his son in and Connie is happy to hear that. Teresi believes Tommy isn’t going to kill but in fact help him escape and boy was he wrong about that. The father-son duo arrives at Teresi’s house, and that’s where Tommy says goodbye to his dad and puts a couple of slugs in him. Tommy then takes his dad’s lifeless corpse and dumps it at the cemetery at the family plot Teresi had made for himself and Connie. Heartbroken, Tommy returns home to his mom to be consoled.

Now how does this effect Angela you ask? Well Mak and Saxe set her up in hopes she would leak the Teresi information, and she fell for it. When she’s brought into the office, she is greeted by a flow chart with her picture in as part of the crime ring. Angela is now in a severe pickle, and this is the moment Joe was warning Ghost all about. Will she flip on her former lover? We will have to find out next week on the extended season finale.